Counseling  for Individuals and Families

Counseling is a difficult yet humbling experience; admitting there are aspects of unhappiness within your life, acknowledging that you can’t do it alone, and then deciding to change rather than live in complacency.  Monarch Professional Counseling was created to serve as a voice, a support, and an advocate for struggling individuals.


The first 3 years are a critical time in a child’s life! Does your child struggle behaviorally, socially, mentally and/or academically; is your child prone to negative outbursts at home, school, or in public; have you noticed a regression or change in your child’s behavior; or do you simply “believe” your child is fighting a silent battle?



Parents are their child’s FIRST teacher and most sincere advocate! Do you struggle with your child’s challenging behaviors; do you often find yourself tired, frustrated, and angry; are you known to regularly dodge teachers to avoid hearing about your child’s day; or are you an exhausted parent simply in need of a pair of  listening ears? 



“Family makes the ride worthwhile.”  Have you noticed a change in your family dynamics; do members of your family demonstrate extreme emotions or acts of violence; have you noticed difficulty communicating or withdrawal behaviors; have you noticed sudden changes in behaviors; or has your family experienced a traumatic experience or major transition and need support?



Any of these sounds familiar?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, I am here for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Next Steps…

If you’re still unsure, I offer a free 20 minute phone or in-office consultation.  This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine the best route for you.  Email me or call the office today to get scheduled!

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